Change was once a discrete event with a beginning, middle, and end. At the end things got back to "normal". Today, change is a constant; multiple changes happen simultaneously with no "normal" in sight. Changes can take companies and the people in them toward a successful future, into a limbo of change for changes’ sake, or into oblivion. What makes the difference? The successful organization is agile and responsive, taking advantage of changes in market, technologies, and processes.

Change is the movement away from the present. It is movement through a place that is neither old nor new. The way things were was never firm; it was in a constant state of tension between the need to remain stable and the need to respond to time and its inevitable changes.

Knowing what change to make, building a high tolerance for change, and understanding how to make change happen will give your company a major competitive advantage.

Gaining this knowledge is no easy task, however. No one company can stay current with all the latest technologies and trends by themselves. They need to create strategic partnerships with technology providers who understand their needs and are able to keep companies informed about emerging technologies in a timely fashion.

For almost three decades, Corporate Micro Systems has been creating these strategic partnerships with medium to large size companies across the united states. Founded in 1988, at a time when our industry was trying to be all things to all people, we recognized the need for a strategic focus.

Corporate Micro Systems was then and is now a full service, nationwide enterprise provider of technology solutions, products and services dedicated to answering the technology needs of mid-size and large businesses.

Corporate Micro Systems – Partnership in the Process of Change