-  "a group of individuals who work together to produce products or deliver services for which they are mutually accountable. Team members share goals and are mutually held accountable for meeting them, they are interdependent in their accomplishment, and they affect the results through their interactions with one another."

Every customer at Corporate Micro Systems works directly with a dedicated account executive, customer service representative and technical sales engineer which work together as a team.

The account executive is your corporate front line professional for product and service recommendation, fulfillment and support.

The customer service representative works closely with the account executive to make sure that you always have the ability to get quick, reliable answers and assistance.

The technical sales engineer is available to answer any advanced technical questions, and help design and integrate your complete, individualized solutions.

Each sales team works closely with other teams of systems engineers, technical service personnel, technical recruiters, and hardware and software specialists to provide the most comprehensive solutions for your business.

Empowerment  -  "the capability to make a difference in the attainment of individual, team, and organizational goals. Teams that are empowered have the knowledge, skills, information, resources, and power to perform in a manner that enables them to make a difference."

Every member of your dedicated team is fully empowered to make immediate decisions regarding issues that affect your account. From special pricing and special delivery to expedited product returns and warranty issues, your dedicated team member is fully empowered to meet your needs.

Each member of your dedicated team receives extensive and continuing product and technology training as well as having access to constantly updated technical information on every product and service which we provide.

Each team member has access to our state of the art product distribution system which provides them with instant access to over 3 billion dollars worth of computer products, and nationwide product availability status from 15 strategically located warehouses. In most cases we can get a detailed product quotation on your desktop before you finish your phone call to us.