Equipment Trade-In

As a  full service technology partner, CMS provides our customers with the opportunity to trade in their old computer equipment towards the purchase of newer technology. We also provide disposal services for equipment which no longer has any value.

As part of our nationwide Full Life Cycle Management Program CMS will come to our customer’s location, then inventory and remove their old equipment from the desktop. We will then transport it all to one of our configuration facilities where we perform the following:

  • Re-inventory each system
  • Remove all customer asset tags
  • Completely delete and reformat all hard drives (thus deleting any sensitive information)

We offer our customers several flexible trade-in options including:

  • Cash payment of trade-in value
  • Credit applied towards the purchase of new equipment
  • Institute and manage an employee purchase program

In the event that some or all of the equipment has no trade-in value CMS will provide disposal services which follow EPA guidelines for proper disposal of hazardous materials and provide our customer with certificates of disposal for their protection.